Awammi Development Organization Layyah عوامی ڈویلپمینٹ آ رگنا ئز یشن لیہ
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Awammi Development Organization Layyah عوامی ڈویلپمینٹ آ رگنا ئز یشن لیہ

Our Stance
News Room
Case Studies

News Room

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A democratic & peaceful society ensuring equal development opportunities to all.


As one of a few originators of Awami Development Organization (ADO), when I recall to my intellect the past twenty years it seems to be untreated inspiration which came into conscience after witnessing; the vulnerability, marginalization and disaster proneness of the communities of District Layyah. Initially, the said organization emerged as a group of passionate and enthusiastic persons with positive consciences, great zeal and zest to bring a positive developmental change. It took more than four years to rise up as a legal entity in 1996 and from since to till the time the efforts have made this organization a panorama of hope for the victimized and marginalized communities. Now, the geographic outreach has spread around the national boundaries. Till time through this platform achieved a lot yet by way of a yearn to develop more.

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