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Awammi Development Organization Layyah عوامی ڈویلپمینٹ آ رگنا ئز یشن لیہ

On- Going Project

Aawaz Voice and Accountabilty Program

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 Dispute /Conflict Resolution and Social Cohesion

Funded By:SAP-PK

  • AAWAZ Forum shall comprise of 15-18 males and females. This is a basic programming tier. It should include at least 3 representatives from the School Management Committee/ School Council if there is any government school functional in the village/neighbourhood/settlement. Besides a collective forum for individual participation, AAWAZ Forum shall perform three fundamental tasks regarding program Output 1, 2 and 3. These are:


  • Women’s Political Participation:AAWAZ Forum will be responsible for undertaking activities and producing results concerning women’s safe and effective participation in political and public spheres.

  • Dispute/Conflict Resolutionand Social Cohesion: This role asks from the AAWAZ Forum to promote peace, tolerance and social cohesion to support peaceful resolution of disputes and collaboration within and among communities for common solutions.

  • Social Services/SamajiKhidmat: This role requires from the AAWAZ Forum to voice priorities and hold government accountable for adequate service delivery, especially in health and education sectors, and other sectors that the local population wants to work on.


  • Following are the minimum Terms of Reference (ToR) of the AAWAZ Forum to achieve results for each output at the grassroots level with three distinct roles to be performed.  However, some of the mentioned tasks can only be done once the forum members receive trainings.

     Women’s Political Participation


  • Create awareness on women-friendly laws especially those recently passed. In addition, they will sensitize local communities about different provisions available in the Constitution and law (Pakistan penal code) through dialogues, discussions, women’s assemblies- rallies that will inform, educate and mobilize communities in village/town/settlements.


  • Exhibit spirit of women related laws including Women’s Protection Bill, Land Right, etc. through day to day activities to create understanding among communities for women dignity and wellbeing as fundamental right. The activities will be conducted through focus group discussions, corner meetings, rallies, fairs/festivals, sportsevents, interactive theater shows, religious festivals and celebrations, etc.


  • Creating demand from communities for the implementation of the women friendly laws.

  • Inform women and excluded groups about their rights and empower them toseek justice through rights-based formal and informal structures

  • Act as focal point for referrals related to issues addressing cases of violence (referrals for services like shelters, counseling, legal aid and filing of cases for accessing justice

  • Create awareness and demand of increased women’s political participation and encourage women to participate in electoral processes as voters and candidates and agents of change in addressing election dispute resolution

  • Creating space for marginalized groups to participate especially women, minorities and other deprived segments freely in the political processes

  • Encourage and create space for women to hold decision making positions in political parties and political organizations

  • Maintain record of working group meetings and sharing it at different forums

  • Participate in different forums organized under Aawaz program like rallies, women assemblies, fairs/melas and festivals

  • Participate in meetings conducted with different political parties and organizations

  • Feed the Aawaz UC, tehsil and District Forums with adequate and relevant information to facilitate and enable apex bodies to design and undertake advocacy activities

  • Pre-empt disputes and conflict by creating space in the locality, through dialogue, discussions and other support activities which reduce and eliminate risk of conflict among groups, clans, ethnic, sectarian and religious groups

  • Promote the utility of formal conflict resolution forums including police and other LEAs through day to day activities that facilitate and generate confidence among communities to approach formal institutions.

  • Coordinate and interact with relevant institutions at local level to build communities’ trust and understanding of processes in conflict resolution

  • Informlocal communities about different provisions available in the law (Pakistan Penal Codefor example)

  • In case of gross violation of the law, and, where possible, assist and facilitate conflicting factions by providing information aboutservices available with different authorities and institutions which are responsible of protection, security and conflict resolution

  • Educate people about tolerance, harmony and social cohesionand the impact of these values on social, political and economic context of the village/town/settlement

  • Maintain record of important events/cases of conflict resolution efforts

  • Feed the AAWAZ UC, Tehsil and District Forums with relevant information to enable those structures in designing and undertaking advocacy activities

         AAWAZ Social Services/SamajiKhidmat

  • Create awareness among communities by conducting dialogues, discussions and other support activities, that inform, educate and mobilize public support about the performance of local provisions of health and education

  • Support and strengthen constructive participation of communities at all stages of development phases i.e., planning, implementing, monitoring.

  • Primary data collection at community level. Support in identifying, analyzing and prioritizing needs by the communities at large to create demand for adequate and effective provision of services especially in health and education sectors by ensuring engagement of local stakeholders

  • Facilitate inclusive development village level plan for adequate and effective service deliveries with community, local duty bearers and other stakeholders

  • Act as monitoring committee for education and health facilities being provided by government. Evaluate them and hold relevant authorities accountable in case of poor delivery.

  • Activate and/or mobilize the village/town/settlement School Management Committee/ School Council.

  • Regularly liaison with the local duty bearers responsible for services at the village level and strive for improved facilities

  • Maintain record of important events/cases of conflict resolution efforts

  • Provide UC, Tehsil and District AAWAZ Forums with adequate and relevant information to enable them design and undertake advocacy activities.


Composition and Functions of AAWAZ Forum

    Aawaz Institutional Framework







Following are some of the areas which primarily cut across and common to proposed structures at all tiers.