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Awammi Development Organization Layyah عوامی ڈویلپمینٹ آ رگنا ئز یشن لیہ

Completed Project

Health & Education Infrastructure Development


Case Study :

Case Study Saving Life, Time, Money and Energies Rural Health Center, Jaman Shah

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  • Union Council Jaman Shah is located remotely in district Layyah. It is comparatively densely populated sandy terrain. Majority of the vulnerable 5500 inhabitants living here are connected to agricultural activities for livelihood.


  • ADO formulated its health related intervention at Jaman Shah because the only Basic Health Unit located here was surviving barely. It had negligible medical equipments and medicines. Then the government declared this BHU a Rural Health Center (RHC) and health administration deputed some additional medical staff here. But it still had no boundary wall, adequate rooms and wards, equipment and even ambulance and technical staff. As the result of this, the RHC did not perform to its potential. In December 2011, ADO and SAP-PK collaborated to improve the facility.


  • “ADO  provided  us  with  boundary  wall,  water  dispenser,  incubator,  cardiographer  and  25  beds. This  is  a blessing for we are now getting free quality treatment here. The arrangements have saved us precious time, energies, expenses of transportation and cost of medication, and, above all, life of women and children”, one of the female beneficiaries of RHC shared her views in a recent interaction with staff of ADO.


  • Dr. Aziz Ahmad Klasra, who is in-charge of this RHC, informed that he had requested the high officials many a times for the facilities and equipment but hardly any support could arrive. So, he was thankful to ADO and SAP-PK for practically chipping in support for the benefit of 100 to 200 patients every day and discouraging the practices of the quacks which otherwise run unchecked in union councils Jaman Shah, Jhakkar and, Sarishta Thal.






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