Awammi Development Organization Layyah عوامی ڈویلپمینٹ آ رگنا ئز یشن لیہ
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Awammi Development Organization Layyah عوامی ڈویلپمینٹ آ رگنا ئز یشن لیہ

Our Stance

ADO opened debates, functions and seminars to promote human and political rights in different span of time with the financial support of PPAF, SAP-PK, RDPI, Plan, Aurt Foundation, Solidar, TVO,UNDP, Oxfam, NEF, UNOPS, IOM.



  • ADO envisions a democratic, peaceful and prosperous society that ensures equal development opportunities  for  the marginalized 


ADO's Statistical Overview, 1996 - 2014

 Current Staff               = 55

Villages Covered         =  156

Male Beneficiaries      =  86,649

Female Beneficiaries =  93,870

Communities' Groups =  630

Total Financial Input    = 382,848,241 Rs.

(4,161,000 USD)

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1. Organize and capacitate poorest of the poor, disaster-affected and disaster- prone  communities to developlivelihood opportunities and  community-based   services  infrastructure

2. Mobilize  community  support  for democratic  values,  women  rights  and women's protection from violence and their participation in socio-political and economic fields